Thursday, April 22, 2021

Artnotes: Maybe you'd like to Join Us


Flutter   Laurie Fox Pessemier  Terra Cotta   4-6" 10 - 15 cm
Per the suggestion of an artnotes reader, I am reading the biography of Stanley Ann Dunham, the mother of Barack Obama.  It has almost nothing to say about the former president, but looks at Stanley Ann as “A Singular Woman” (the title of the book).  She lived in Indonesia for a great part of her life, and for that I enjoy her point of view.
Ranunculas and Geraniums  Blair Pessemier  acrylic/canvas 18 x 15"  46 x 38cm   450.00

As Americans living abroad, we have a completely different reality than most people we know.  I can never tell if that is because of who we are, or because we live in Italy.   I will never be Italian, or French, or African, but I thoroughly enjoy my vantage point from the outside.  I can be quiet and respectful, and enjoy life from the periphery of another culture.
Not From Here  Laurie Fox Pessemier  Terra Cotta   4-6" 10 - 15 cm
I am not really part of the American expat community that craves tacos and hangs around with one another until they go back to America (there are other expats who inspire me).  I really don’t miss very much from the old country, and I still haven’t tried everything I want to experience here in Italy, much less the next place we go to.

A BIG Year For Dandelions  Laurie Fox Pessemier  acrylic/canvas 9.5 x 12"  24 x 30cm  350.00
I watched a silly little film recently called Emily.     It’s about a lady florist with apparently not much in her life, but she is happy.  The film really spoke to me because I am like that.
Ranunculas on a Yellow Field  Laurie Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas  18 x 10"  45 x 25 cm  450.00
I have never really held a day-to-day job for a single employer.  Blair and I worked independently  to support ourselves until recently when we started collecting social security (we always paid our US taxes).  We still sell a fair number of paintings.  When Covid eventually lifts, we will start doing tours again, some painting tours, and other, simpler tours to places off the beaten track.
Castello di Serravalle    Blair Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas 11.5 x 19.5"  30 x 50cm  450.00
We are going to start filming some sample tours.  At the moment I am researching the geology of the national park near our house.  It has the most unusual large stones I have ever seen.  They approach ten stories in height, and look like the rocks in the background of Leonardo’s Madonna of the Rocks, or an early Renaissance etching.   We’ll walk up to see the these rocks, observing surrounding flora and fauna  and continue on to a 10th century church nearby.  I have other tours planned, here in Emiglia-Romagna and also down around the Rome area.

Who knows? Maybe you’d like to join us?
Thoughts  Laurie Fox Pessemier  Terra Cotta  4-6" 10-15cm

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