Sunday, October 11, 2020

Artnotes: In the Morning Light


The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree  Laurie Fox Pessemier Paper/Collage    17 x 25"  41 x  63cm   425.00
This week saw another failed attempt at getting our Italian papers.   Nothing is missing, nothing is wrong, it’s just the ever-so-slow wheels of the Italian government.  I guess I shouldn’t worry about it.  Where could we travel to anyway?
Detail:  Musical Flora    Laurie Fox Pessemier  Paper/collage   9 x 12"  22 x 30cm  250.00
We’re in Stimigliano for a few days.   We brought down some clothes, some wine, odds and ends, in anticipation of settling into our winter home.  We might just stay, or possibly be forced to stay, because virus cases are again increasing here.   We will try to go back to Modena for our papers when that comes up.
Stop Look and Listen   Laurie Fox Pessemier Paper/Collage    17 x 25"  41 x  63cm   425.00
I opened my studio for the first time in 6 months.  It looked better than I remembered.   I am redoing my butterfly painting on the outside door.  Many small butterflies, brilliant turquoise background:  it looks very happy.  I think we seem to be happy, too.
Contrast is Everything (recolored early collage)     Laurie Fox Pessemier Paper/Collage    17 x 25"  41 x  63cm   425.00
I found a couple of books I’d not noticed before.  Reading is such an important part of this non-traveling life.  I can get in my sci-fi, or historical paper spaceship and take off for another experience.
Harika in the Luxembourg Gardens    Blair  Pessemier    Acrylic/canvas  9.5x 13"  24 x 33 cm  475.00
I have been dreaming about my paintings and collages for several nights.  I think up new ideas in my dream, and I desperately have to write them down at once.  In fact, in the morning light, they seem less good, but I think about them anyway.  


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