Saturday, August 22, 2020

Artnotes: Seeing Beauty Everywhere


It’s another enormously sunny day in Rocca Malatina.  Harika is in the shady car, aka her dog house, getting her morning beauty rest.  I am fighting the mosquitoes and praying for cooler weather.
Italian Dinner at the Lake   Blair Pessemier 12 z 20"  30 x 50cm  525.00
We went to the most fabulous luncheon party on Ferragosto on 15 August.  It was one of those magical, beneath the trees, long-tabled affairs that scream:  ITALY.  Casual, yet elegant.  Umbrellas, chaise-longes, dogs cadging tidbits, views like a picture puzzle.   Antipasti, a pasta course, vitello-tonnato, cinghiale, and of course, dessert and coffee and digestivi – a perfect meal, rolled out by everyone there, but mostly courtesy of our hostess and her friends.   Italians, and their Roman predecessors, love the month of August, and Augustus, in about the year 17, made it a permanent party.
Demijon on the Landing   Laurie Fox Pessemier    Acrylic/paper 25 x 17"  63 x 41 cm   350.00
Here in late August, I finally have two cucumbers on my plant, now, after a least 50 blossoms.  I actually used some of them in cooking.  My two tomato plants have only produced three tomatoes, which are not yet red, despite being planted (as plants) back in May.  It was a similar “all hat, no cattle” situation with them, but their blossoms were too feeble to eat.  I didn’t get any heavenly-blue morning glory flowers (Blair considers them weeds, anyway), nor did I get any sweetpea blossoms, which truly are a weedy flower (two separate plantings of each, fussing with the seeds).  Kale and Spinach, planted from organic seed, were very strong, and we ate every French Radish, from the same gift box.  Carrots sluggish, but not nearly as sluggish as the ones I planted 4 May and still don’t have any. Nasturtiums are passable. My petunias have been stellar, as are my geraniums.  Both of those came from plants.   Gardening is clearly not one of my strengths.
My thoughts are on traveling whenever that may be possible once again. We are thinking of taking the Silk Road from Uzbekistan (Nukus (museum)) to Samarkand, to Western China.  It will be a more-than-month excursion, but I am longing for something completely different.  I am focusing on getting into condition, having an open mind, and seeing beauty everywhere.
Portrait on Old Music   Laurie Fox Pessemier    Collage    12 x 9"  30 x 23 cm  275.00
This week Blair will present his sliverware at the Sunday Salon, along with a painter from Toronto, and another from the DC area.   How about you?
Accordion   Laurie Fox Pessemier    Acrylic/music   12 x 9"  30 x 24 cm  275.00

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