Sunday, May 24, 2020

Artnotes: Conversation and Silence

The Yellow Window  Laurie Fox Pessemier Acrylic/canvas 20 x 8"  50 x 17cm   395.00
Hay fever: this year is the worst I have ever had.  It isn’t bad enough I am trying to look healthy and alert when I go out into our newly reopened society, I am sneezing like crazy.  People eye me like Typhoid Mary.   I’ve taken all the non-drowsy antihistamines known to Italy.  I sit around with teabags on my eyes.  I am about to embark on the honey cure (a tablespoon of honey made from plants near our house).   It puts a crimp in our outdoor painting forays.  So, even though I CAN go out, I am staying very close to shelter.
I’ve been experimenting with masks.  I don’t mind so much wearing one because it keeps the pollen out of my nose, as well as containing germs.  I have been using a muslim approach, a scarf-y affair, wound around the lower face.  It can even look a bit provocative.   Anything but the blue medicinal mask is an improvement; and I don’t really like the conical affair sewn up in cotton (washable) prints.   
Tugging Away  Blair Pessemier    Acrylic/canvas   16 x 13" 42 x 33 cm   375.00
I can’t seem to get the song “Come Fly with Me” out of my head today:  llama-land, and Acapulco Bay…  Frank Sinatra seems comforting, too, with his stingy brimmed hat and confident manner.  I listen.   It might have to do with a powerful urge to travel.  Meanwhile, I am nervous to go across the street to get a cup of coffee.  Otherwise, I have big travel ideas in mind:   Lukus in Uzbekistan to see a fabulous collection of Russian Avant-Garde Art.  I want to spend 3 months in Tangier.  Blair is painting boats “from his head”.    A jaunt just to Venice is in the offing, once we can leave Emilia-Romagna.
Roses in the Garden  Laurie Fox Pessemier    Acrylic/canvas  12 x 10  "  30 x 25 cm  330.00
I have realized many things about human contact over the past few weeks.  First, just having someone saying “buon giorno”, as we pass on the street, is wonderful.    Next, I have learned that other people have different thresholds of fear about this virus (and other things, too), and they have a right to follow their own counsel.  I haven’t always behaved this way, but after having been bullied by someone else, I got the message.  If one has a “feeling” about something, it should be respected.  Finally, I have learned just how important friends are.  Whether next door or on the other side of the world, they appreciate and encourage how Blair and I think.  I have experienced the most wonderful conversation and silence with my friends, these last few months.
Iris Shadow   Laurie Fox Pessemier    Acrylic/canvas   10.5 x 18"  27 x 45cm  375.00

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