Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Paintings from the Porch SALE

All the paintings, shown below, are on sale now for $125.00 each, freight included USA (europeans, I'll carry them back for you; australia/asia subject to a small freight addition).  Some are framed, and frames are included.  Refer to number on painting when ordering, or copy image to your email.  The size is also listed.  

There are many more paintings on our porch. on Highland Lake in Winsted, CT.   We will be there most of the time from Thursday through Sunday -- if we happen to be out, climb up the hill across the street from the lake onto the porch on the house on the left  (there's a cigar box if you buy something. or you can mail us a check or pay with paypal).

I also have a bunch of paintings on wood which I'll be sending to you in the next day or two.


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