Sunday, June 28, 2015


Artnotes:  A quick note from Paris


We are still in the City of Light - and the light this week is quite striking - the sun doesn't set until 10 pm and the sky glows until nearly 11.   We are working long hours, packing up this house.  It occurs to me we have not officially disposed of all of our goods ever before.  When we moved to Paris in 1993, we stored important objects with a friend.    Otherwise, we moved from one situation to another; left our belongings in a chambre de service (maid's room) when we went to Tunisia in 2007; returned to that outfitted household in 2010.  We have upwards of 300 paintings here, and the estimated 10 boxes have turned into 20.   Aiyaiayai!   I am leaving books in bus-stops.


Besides packing, we had two well attended painting workshops this week.  I am including a photo of one of my star participants, a man from Australia, in this post.   That painting sessions was last Sunday, the first day of summer -- it has been warm and sunny while we have been here, and I have a little twinge of doubt about leaving.  I think that is normal, and I am anticipating the occasional visit.   I realize how many people have touched my life during these last four years of painting workshops.  I am thankful to be receiving inquiries about the upcoming Italian painting-fests, and encourage questions.


I packed my knitting needles (I am the world's worst knitter), so I can hang Christmas stockings I make for friends by the chimney.   I am thinking of turning one of the giant wine casks into a swimming pool.   I have ideas for next summer's garden.   I had a hard time sending a favorite painting we owned to a friend.  Blair sold his own treasured canvas. 


We also have had an opening of our artshow.  WAAAAH!  I am so tired I can hardly speak.  The heat kept the numbers to a minimum, but over 25% of those who came made a purchase.   It is a good show for us, and Blair is minding the store as I write to you.    French seems easier to speak than Italian at the moment.


The computer has taken a dive into "no internet connection" -- a Windows 8.1 problem, apparently, judging from the many pages of possible fixes on Google.  So, if this post doesn't arrive until Monday you will know why.

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