Saturday, May 09, 2015

Artnotes: Buon Giorno

The Farm Blair Pessemier   Acrylic/Canvas   13 x 16"  33 x 41 cm
Yellow Green Fields   Laurie Fox Pessemier   Acrylic/canvas  11 x 16  27 x 41cm

View from above   Laurie Fox Pessemier   Acrylic/canvas  12 x 16"  30 x 40 cm

Rocca de Sopra  Blair Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas 20 x 14"  50 x 35 cm 

Castle at Guiglia   Blair Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas  14 x 18"   35 x 45cm
Rocca Malatina House   Blair Pessemier   Acrylic/canvas panel  10 x 12" 25 x 30cm
Chickens in the driveway   Blair Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas   14 x 8.5    35 x 21.5 cm 

​Pineta    Laurie Fox Pessemier   Acrylic/canvas  12 x 16   30 x 40cm

Bologna Restaurant   Laurie Fox Pessemier   Acrylic/canvas panel     10 x 14"  25 x 35 cm 

Artnotes:  Buon Giorno

We celebrated Blair's birthday in Bologna this week.  While we were there, we  mailed a package at the Fedex store (could people really be this friendly, or am I jaded after 20 years in Paris?), and we bought art supplies.   Earlier in the week we negotiated the purchase of a new cell phone and number, entirely in Italian, at Vodaphone.   So far, so good: lots of smiles and grazies. 

Bologna isn't the easiest place to get around (Blair is sure we'll receive one of those photo/mail-in tickets), and I had jotted down possible restaurant addresses. We ended up at the Drogheria Della Rosa which was listed as one of the five best tables in Bologna --  it was terrific.   A fixed price deal included a glass or two of prosecco, an appetizer of delicious pancetta and mortadella (famous in Bologna), a first course, second, wine and dessert.   I had the green lasagna to start, which was absolutely delicious -- Blair chose a light cheese ravioli with zucchini blossoms.  I proceeded with the guinea hen, prepared with a sweet sort of sauce:  I tasted honey in there; Blair had the veal with tuna sauce, something I have never prepared at home.   Both were flawless, beyond delicious.   But I had no room for dessert.  It was a modest price for the two of us, on such a special occasion. 

The other thing I LOVED about the restaurant was the people there.  From the young, skinny maître d'hôtel with his large head and very slight, black-suited body (imagine a male Nancy Reagan, serving wine), to the young woman, wearing a giant crown of laurel leaves, at the very large table of exuberant Italians on the sidewalk.  I later learned her family was celebrating her  graduation, hence the laurels.   An enormous man was seated across from me, one table down, and he seemed to be making love to his food.   The food loved him back.     The owner of the establishment visited with us in depth, and provided an extra couple glasses of wine to ensure our return.  He was a round little man, wearing a bright orange polo shirt and colorful glasses.   The whole experience was fun and delicious.

Everything in Italy is a surprise to us, most wonderful.  We've been out in the countryside painting GREEN landscapes, while Harika explores for local fauna.  The new vet comes to the house on Sunday, and who knows, maybe we'll invite him for lunch.  

We are all practicing SMILING and our Italian, and wake up embracing every day.  Buon Giorno!

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