Saturday, October 18, 2014

Artnotes: Arrivederci

Ile de la Cite with Pont Neuf    Laurie Fox Pessemier  Acrylic/linen  sold
 Seine Reflection  Laurie Fox Pessemier   Acrylic/wood  sold
 Early morning Pont des Arts  Acrylic/panel 12 x 12"    30 x 30cm
Boat  Laurie Fox Pessemier  Acrylic/wood  4.24 x 13  11 x 33 cm
Under the Pont des Arts  Blair Pessemier   Acrylic/linen  10.5 x 16   27 x 41 cm
Jeanne Marie II   Blair Pessemier  Acrylic/linen  16 x 16 "  40 x 40 cm
Pont des Arts Shipside  Acrylic/linen  16 x 16 "  40 x 40 cm
Under the Pont Neuf   Laurie Fox Pessemier   Acrylic/linen  10.5 x 16"  27 x 41 cm
Carrots  Laurie Fox Pessemier   Acrylic/wood  7.5 x 19.5  19 x 27 cm  SOLD
Artnotes:  Arrivederci

We are on our way to sunny Italy tomorrow.  A friend generously offered to rent our apartment for two weeks, so the three of us are hopping in the car at 6 AM tomorrow and driving south east.  Our destination is Cervo, on the Italian Riviera – expected temperatures in the 70s for the next two weeks.  Yippee.

This makes it difficult for me to get back into the present, or even last week, to write about something which inspired us.   We will be in a house without internet connection.  We purchased a little tablet to take to a “hotspot” downtown – neither of our cell phone carriers work in Italy. 

Our last weeks of painting have been full.  We were down by the Seine twice this last week, after a full week with two painters from Seattle.  It hasn’t been unusual this fall to be five painters side by side.  In a word, I am exhausted, as is Blair.  It might not seem like much, painting with a diverse group of people, outside, but it is overwhelming.  My Italian "refresher" courses on youtube have fallen by the wayside.

Nonetheless, I have been thinking of winter painting themes – vegetables have been on my mind.  I cooked coq au vin this week, as well as marcassin (young wild boar).  We had fewer guests than expected, but that was ok – Harika loved the boar, and we revisited it with cumin and hot pepper rolled up in a Berber flat bread.   I painted my carrots.  The Algerian man in the Marche knows not to cut off the tops – those lacy green leaves make a beautiful picture.

Harika is having a nervous breakdown with suitcases in the bedroom.  She’s hoping it doesn’t mean another plane ride.  In fact, we have rented a car and are driving the nine and a half hours.  When I write that I think we ought to start out tonight and stay over someplace.   With that in mind, I’ll bring artnotes to a close, that we might be on our way.  Arrivederci!

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