Sunday, March 02, 2014

Floating Monet's Boat

Winter-overed Geraniums   Laurie Fox Pessemier   Acrylic/linen  11 x 16 inches

Artnotes:  Floating Monet's Boat

On Wednesday we rented a car and drove to the beach.  No painting, just going to the beach and sitting in the sunshine.  We ate lunch: oysters.  I lost Harika’s leash (she was thrilled until she had to be attached with my scarf).  We bought a seven-foot-tall Olive tree, instead of the new leash we intended, because the store didn’t have the right kind of leash.  It was a lucky thing we went to the beach on Wednesday because it has rained ever since.

It is almost impossible to paint these rainy days.  I jotted down a quick impression of the oyster stand in the Market – it was my intention to paint several market stands – I wrote a “market” artnotes, but between the rain and cold I just can’t be out there.

 Oysters in the Market   Laurie Fox Pessemier  Acrylic/wood  13 x 8 inches

I got a book from the library:  Le Maroc de Matisse (Morocco), and felt inspired to paint our own crowd-y house.  We live in the least zen environment I have ever experienced:  there is no surface left uncovered, no wall without color and paintings, a mish-mash of oriental rugs covers the floor from wall- to-wall.  I have been doing yoga for relaxation, on the floor, whenever Harika will leave me alone.  As soon as a step away, I am once again assaulted by our life.

 Our House   Laurie Fox Pessemier   Acrylic/canvas panel   16 x 11

On the way to Trouville (aka “the beach), we stopped in Vernon, near Giverny.   We are looking for a place to moor our Bateau/Atelier, Monet’s painting boat.  We want to be near Giverny, because if you like Monet’s garden, maybe you’d like to paint, or at least cruise, in his boat.  The yacht club in Vernon has great moorage space.  It turns out that many of the Seine river tour hotel-boats dock nearby.  Maybe one of those tourists would like to buy a painting?   

Anyway, we inquired about space for the boat and ourselves, and are thinking maybe we’ll take a little studio there.  We’ll see.   Meanwhile, Blair is building a boat-model-bank, accepting contributions.  I am writing a story line for our Indiegogo video to lure investors.  Please consider – for a mere $200 donation you can own an original Pessemier painting featuring water; for $10,000 you can name the boat.    I am writing a brochure we can distribute at our show, opening Wednesday. 


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