Sunday, January 14, 2024

Artnotes: Drop Everything


Tower of Babel  Blair Pessemier Iron and other metals   6 diameter x  18h"   15 d x 45 h cm    1,500.00 (delivered)
I spent this week making a catalog of our Paris paintings.  When Macron started the countdown to the Olympics on 8 January (200 days), we did, too, and started  our own on Instagram ( @lauripessemier ).  This could be our big chance to sell our 150 or so Paris pictures.
 The bridge of Pont des Arts  Laurie Fox Pessemier   Acrylic on wood winebox 6" X 17" 15 X 43sm  375.00
I’ve been writing to people who are connected with Paris.  I only know about 50-ish people who are still there, and active.  I’m asking them what they think, how we might approach this.  I am asking you, too.  How do you think we might peddle our Paris paintings? They are among the Artnotes pictures this week.
 The Brasserie Lipp   Blair Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas  23.5 x 14"  60 x 35cm  600.00
It’s not all we are up to.  Our request to paint at Pompeii this winter has been approved and we are looking at potential housing for three weeks to a month.   We will be painting, drawing and writing about the civilization left beneath the ash.  We will start later this month .    I’ve been boning up on the subject, and am quite enthusiastic about the prospect of painting old architectural forms, painted walls, and ongoing archeological activity.  Berlino, the earnest digger, will accompany us, of course, although his on-site time might be limited.
Playing in the Clay  Laurie Fox Pessemier   characters, about 4"  10cm   
I am equally enthusiastic about being near Naples and eating pizza.  Blair would like to take the pizza course at the Academy of Pizza we had meant to attend four years ago.  We’ll see.  The Pompeii area is chock full of fabulous places:  Vesuvius, Naples, and the Amalfi coast.
Figurine from the Crusades   Laurie Pessemier Acrylic/oil pastel/paper  22 x 22"    55 x 55cm   190.00  
But meantime, we are still awaiting our papers to stay here in Italy.  No news is good news--they are moving forward, but it is a bit frustrating.  We hate to leave the Modena area while they are pending.   I know just as we start tossing those pizzas, we’ll need to drop everything and come back.

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