Saturday, April 30, 2022

Artnotes: The Big Picture


30 April 2022 Roccamalatina, MO  Italia
Fly Away Butterflies  Laurie Fox Pessemier 54 x 72 "  137 x 183 cm  Acrylic/canvas  1500.00
This week was spent working on a “big picture”.  People always encourage me to paint bigger, but it’s not usually something I want to do.  But on Monday, I was sitting in the café, looking at a picture I’ve had on loan there.  It was a butterfly woodcut in a frame.  I started to think about all my prints and what to do with them (they don’t exactly fly off the wall).  And I decided to make a large, multi-media piece.

As in life, the big picture is often made up of many little parts.
Farfa Tevere   Blair  Pessemier   Acrylic/canvas  16 x 24"  40 x 60cm  450.00
There was a bat in the bedroom this week.  We were lying there listening to a Hamish MacBeth mystery on the telephone, and all of a sudden this big black bat was swooping through.  I put my head under the sheet and started hollering.  Berlino, cool dog,  tried to ignore it.  Blair got up to open the window and let it out, as we all piled into the next room and shut the door.  It’s gone, he told us.  But as I lie there listening to the next chapter I saw a big black blob in the lace curtain.
It’s hard to fall asleep after a bat, and the dog was restless all night.  Next morning I was tired, and took a very long walk and the entire day was upset.  Is this the big picture?  No, but it creates a portion of the scene.  I was glad we didn’t hurt the bat, and it eventually flew away (I think Blair had to prod it).
Butterflies on Chinese Calendar Pages  Laurie Fox Pessemier Acrylic/paper  framed size 10 x 12"   25 x 30cm   125.00 each 
This week, we took the decision to leave the big house here in Roccamalatina in September.  We are staying in the area.  We can’t face another 1,600 euro monthly fuel bill.  We are moving to more economical, but equally interesting digs (with a fenced yard) nearby.  We hardly ever let economic limitations dictate our behavior, but working harder just to maintain the status quo seems folly.  It’s not part of our big picture.  But a new chapter, a new adventure, always is. 
Lilacs and Buttercups    Laurie Fox Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas  21.5 x 18"   55 x 46 cm 550.00

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