Monday, July 05, 2021

Artnotes: I am a Painter


Pappagallo Hat with Bird  Laurie Fox Pessemier  acrylic/canvas  14 x 17"  35 x 43    450.00
I am listening to Sun Ra and I am painting.  It’s unusual for me to listen to music while painting.  I normally find it terribly distracting (particularly if there are lyrics), but this is music different from most other.  And if there is talking, it is more like a chant, or mantra, a repetitive thing.  I listened to this music in the late 70s, and felt the same way I do now.  There is more of Sun Ra’s music between then and now, and it developed in a good direction.
I am finding inspiration in new places.  Since we had a poet in our Salon, I have found an appreciation for poetry, especially that work read aloud.  The Sunday Salon has been a giant inspiration to me.  I see the visual art of others, and so many are eloquent in their presentation. The questions and comments are often as inspiring as the original work.  People see things I would never see on my own. People in the Salon occasionally share their philosophies, as well.
The Tree in Front of our House  Blair Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas  14 x 10.5"  35 x 27cm  450.00
Sun Ra found inspiration in his mistakes.  He felt if there was an error in the music, fellow musicians shouldn’t try to get back on track, but rather go with the direction of the error.  So, in today’s painting (Van Gogh's Hat), that is what I did.  After a little while I couldn’t find where the mistake occurred, but rather went forward.   I ask myself how that might work in the evolution of our world.  So many visual artists in our salon let their art take a path of its own.  “It’s not what I started out with,” is a common phrase.
Van Gogh Hat   Laurie Fox Pessemier  acrylic/canvas   13 x 18"  33 x 45 cm  450.00
One of our contributors talked about how he and his wife have morning affirmations together.  “I am a creative person” (or something like that) was a typical thing they might say.  I am familiar with affirmations, because I have to use them when I drive the car.  For no particular reason, certain people perceive me as a poor driver, but in fact, I drive quite well.  So when I drive by myself I say out loud, “I am a good driver”, or “I am driving really, really well”.  It works.
I never hiked with my family to go on the Appalachian Trail, as though there was something faulty with my ability to walk.  Really, I just lacked the confidence that I could “keep up”.   So, just a couple of days ago, I walked, not far, with friends on a trail, affirming (to myself, not to seem a lunatic) that I was a good hiker, a good walker.  And I felt just terrific afterward.  Not to mention we plunged into pools of icy water when we reached our destination:  I love that cold water.
Where we "swim" -- the rocks are as large as cars
Today’s painting seems very VanGogh-ish.  I guess those images reside in the recesses of my brain and my hand picks them up.  In fact, I painted it from life, in the garden.  I am a painter, a good painter.

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