Saturday, May 29, 2021

Artnotes: Our Very Own Museum

Chillin' in the Piazza   Laurie Fox Pessemier  colored pencil/antique paper  9 x 14"  23 x 35 cm 90.00
We’d love to have our very own museum.  Mostly art, but a venue for literary and musical performance as well.  Many years ago, we thought about setting up our own “tabletop” museum on the Gironde River near Bordeaux, France.  But, curses, our MBA backgrounds came galloping in, to tell us there is no way a museum can support itself (a little education can be a dangerous thing).
Castello Santa Severa  Blair Pessemier  14 x 11"  35 x 27cm  350.00
My early art history career involved the management of a room at the Wadsworth Athenaeum for the Hartford (Connecticut) Architecture Conservancy.  We featured shows of fine art and photography celebrating architecture in our home state.  It gave me the opportunity to wander about in the museum when it wasn’t open, and I could see things otherwise difficult to access (in the basement). 

That was my first museum basement, the second being at the Seattle Art Museum.  There, Blair and I saw the Kay White collection of African Art.  I could smell the straw and other materials used to create the artwork.  I was transported to Africa in the cellar of the classic building in Volunteer Park in Seattle.
Full length in the Piazza   Laurie Fox Pessemier  Colored pencil/antique paper  14 x 8"  35 x 23cm  90.00
A museum is a curious place, an intimidating place for many people.  Blair and I took my mother, who may have never visited an art museum before, to see the Armand Hammer collection when it came to Holyoke Massachusetts.  We stood before Sargent’s full length portrait of Dr Pozzi in his red dressing gown and my mother was thrilled.  Many times in my life she thanked Blair and me for taking her there.
Umbrella at the Beach  Laurie Fox  Pessemier  Colored pencil/antique paper  9 x 14 " 23 x 35 cm  90.00
Art has the ability to touch any person, in really surprising ways.  In Proust’s In Search of Lost Time so many topics (being the lover or the lovee, for example) are remarkably enlightening.  I am reading the book for the umpteenth in hopes of making it through to the end.
Turkish Poet  LaurieFox Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas  13 x 9"  33 x 23cm  400.00
I have a plethora of poetry books in my library, generously donated.  They can take me into completely new territory.  I love to read them, but likewise love to hear poems read.   A recent one (7 May) from the Paris Review: Sara Deniz Akant reads Naomi Shihab Nye’s poem “Missing the Boat” is beyond wonderful. 
At the Beach   Laurie Fox Pessemier  Colored pencil/antique paper 8 x 14"  20 x 35cm  90.00
One of our poets at the Salon read a piece which brought people to tears a few weeks ago.  Another woman reads about her life experiences.  Painters, working in a variety of styles, share their work.  Who knows, maybe we really do have our own museum? 

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