Thursday, September 05, 2013

Artnotes: Want to paint our picture?

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“Hey, you’re an artist. Want to paint our picture?”

The kid who stays at the summer cottage near ours was playing on the beach with his cousins, and saw me arrive with my painting gear.  They stay in their place, which their grandfather rents in July and August, for his extended family, and we stay in ours, bigger, but across the road from the lake. We share a beach, along with the property owners and their 29 grandchildren. The lake is plenty big enough for all of us.  And the activity  makes perfect subject matter for me to paint.

“Let me finish the background,”  I tell them, as I dab on more blue on the water.  They are flabbergasted I am saying yes, the lady who they haven’t talked to before.  “I’ll call you when I am ready.” 

About five minutes later, the four boys line up in front of the water.  I expect them to stand still for five minutes max, but they are serious about this group portrait.   Counting the minutes, I opt for gesture, hair color and bathing trunk color to define each one.  They are still not too fidgety at twelve minutes, but at fifteen I wrap it up and turn the canvas their direction.

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“WOW, it’s beautiful, that’s great (and other squeals of delight)”.  I tell them it is for them, for their house, and hand it to the brave boy (maybe 11 years old) who asked me to paint it.

They return ten minutes later, asking for a signature, awash in thank-yous. “I seen your work before,” the brave boy tells me,” in your house, you painted picture of my aunt and her dog.   It was great, too.”

It’s all an artist lives for.

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Yellow Sailboat Laurie Fox Pessemier   Acrylic on canvas   16 x 20     $275.00

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