Sunday, March 13, 2022

Artnotes: Don't Say It


12 March 2022 Stimigliano, RI Italia
Flowers in a Blue Vase  Laurie Fox  Pessemier 12 x 10"  30 x 25cm  Acrylic/canvas 450.00
Berlino, our new Italian dog, has occupied most of our time this week:  every minute is an adventure for him.  He’d never been in a house, or a car, or walked on a leash.  The adaptation to the house was nearly instant – after the first night, he only wants to lie on his comfy bed. The car took a little more getting used to, but now he jumps right in.  He enjoys finding himself on the banks of the Tevere, or in a grassy field.  Walking on a leash?  Hmm. Blair is developing arms like Popeye.  Tips appreciated.
Thinking Too Much Laurie Pessemier  Litho  7 x 5"   17.5  x 12 cm  85.00 
We are thrilled to have something to think about besides ourselves.  Maybe I should only speak for me, but before Berlino, every ache or pain or twinge or mental discomfort seemed important.  Now, I overlook it all in favor of going out for gelato with the boy.   I love to pet him, and he relishes the attention.
He’s incredibly popular with folks here in Stimigliano.  He is recognizably Italian, a “spinone” mix, and medium/large.   You don’t have to bend down to pet him; he likes everybody.  Other dogs?  He met a Great Dane yesterday, and it was no big deal.   He adores Blair and wags his tail every time he sees him, day or night, beating a tattoo on his mat.  He has quite a large head and nose, the better to track with.  His is a hunting breed, and we’re hoping he’ll step up to the plate, and search out our gloves and eyeglasses.
Wisdom   Laurie Pessemier  Litho  7 x 5"   17.5  x 12 cm  85.00 
I forgot how much I liked having a dog.  I am a new person.  Dogs open conversations for us.  What’s his name?  Is that a new dog?   You might not say hello to us, but you smile at the dog.   
Ironically, it is dogs that give us a sense of humanity.  They have such a humble look.  Dog eyes almost always look sad, and are non-threatening.   A dog doesn’t care what you’re wearing, or if you’ve got money in your pocket, if you speak good Italian.  Dogs are not judgmental.  And who knows, maybe they are thinking someone is stupid, or slow, but they certainly don’t say it.
Berlino, Looking like a Puppy (he's 3, actually)   Laurie Pessemier  Litho  7 x 5"   17.5  x 12 cm  85.00 

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