Sunday, January 16, 2022

Artnotes: Run to the Kitchen


1/15/22 Roccamalatina, MO Italia
Naked Trees  Laurie Fox Pessemier 18 x 24"   50 x 70cm 
 Acrylic/canvas 650.00
We’ve had beautiful sunny days here in Roccamalatina.  We go for walks, and wave at the neighbors.  At this time, we are staying close to home.  There’s plenty of people who don’t share our feelings about lying low, but our having had the Delta variety of virus doesn’t necessarily preclude getting Omicron (and we can’t get a booster for 3 months).   
Crow Lithographs  Laurie Fox Pessemier   5.5 x 7"  14 x 18cm  75.00 each  175.00 set   4 examples
If you are feeling confident and about to travel, I am looking for someone to transport a pocket-sized camera from the USA to Italy or France.  I am planning to better photograph our paintings for reproduction, and need a few more pixels than our phone delivers.  In exchange, I’ll send you a print of an image you choose.
Photographing our images is part of our concentrated effort to sell artwork this year.  We are painting almost daily, and are offering our work as larger prints reproduced on paper or canvas.  Of course, the originals are always available, and "better" simply by the touch of a human hand.
Venice Grand Canal   Blair Pessemier  4 panel screen  48 x 64"  120 x 163cm acrylic/canvas  4800.00  
I have updated our painting workshop website ( and we will be hosting painters this spring/summer.  We will even travel to Paris or elsewhere in France for a 5 day workshop, if you request it.  (Venice?  YES)  We are painting in Sabina (Roman countryside) in Springtime; Roccamalatina (Bolognese Apennines) in Summer.  Send me your dates; we’ll buy your paints. 
Mauve, the Dog    Blair  Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas  10.5 x 13"  33  x 41 cm  Commission  
A friend dropped by some cookbooks last week, and I’ve been trying recipes.  I made a delicious risotto with pancetta and butternut squash, with herbs still growing in our garden.  We’ve had duck breasts with orange mustard sauce, and salmon with leeks and tomatoes.  Gnocchi are always good, as a side dish, or with gorgonzola, walnuts and reduced basalmic vinegar.   Did I mention we cook for you, too?
Tree near the Road   Laurie Fox Pessemier  Lithograph  5.5 x 7"  14 x 18cm  75.00   4 example
We have wonderful food here in Italy. It’s seasonal, which I freeze and enjoy year round. Right now my freezer is full of cauliflower; orange marmalade; onions; and the last of the red peppers and tomatoes.   It was what kept me alive when I couldn’t go to the store before Christmas, and Blair was otherwise indisposed.   One could easily be a vegetarian here.  We tend to use olive oil rather than butter, but our Parmigiano and Pecorino cheeses are too hard to pass up.  Yikes.  It just makes me want to run to the kitchen!

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