Sunday, December 13, 2020

Artnotes: The 12 Cities of Christmas


Hanukkah Light  Laurie Pessemier  acrylic/paper  17 x 25"  41 x 63 cm
In this week of darkness and rain, we snuck in a trip to the sea.  Thanks to visitors, C & M, some years ago, we discovered that the sun often shone on the Adriatic when it wasn’t shining here in the mountains.  Charlie said, “the sun must be shining someplace”.  It was, and that day we hopped in the car, and drove to Ravenna.
Doors Florence Baptistry  Blair Pessemier  acrylic/canvas 16 x 13"  41 x 33cm 450.00
This Monday, Blair and I departed early (Harika woudn’t come out in the rain).  One hour and thirty-nine minutes later we were standing in the sunshine, on the beach, in Porto Garibaldi.  We parked along a riverlet of the PO river delta, and walked along the canal to the waves.  It was too warm for my coat.  I set my eyes on that marvelous flat horizon line of blue and breathed a sigh of relief.
Relaxing at the Beach  Laurie Fox Pessemier  acrylic/canvas 12 x 16"  30 x 40cm   450.00
Sometimes I wonder how I ended up living in the hills when I love the ocean so much.  But life takes twists and turns.   The rain comes and goes.  And, being “stuck” up North here until after the holidays, we’re starting a new program:  the Twelve Cities of Christmas.
11 Pipers Piping Laurie Fox Pessemier  acrylic/paper 17 x 25"  41 x 63cm  350.00
We will visit twelve cities between now and January 6.   Today, it is pouring too hard to go anyplace, but last night we went to Modena to see the decorations and visit with friends.  It inspired me to think of the other 11 Cities.
Modena, City ONE    Storefront
On Tuesday, we’re driving to Florence.   Florence is very “Christmas-y”, as I can testify after spending a few days in the Christmas 2018 season at a hotel at Piazza Santa Maria Novella.   We won’t go IN anyplace, but ply the outdoor byways in search of Renaissance Festivity.  On Thursday or Friday, we’ll see Venice.  Then, after the regional restrictions starting the 21 December, we will visit the cities of Emilia Romagna:  Parma, Piacenza, Castell’aquato, Rimini, Ravenna…  This way, Christmas, which could be bleak, will take a backseat to Sassuolo, Sestola and Bologna.
Moving slowly: an old Christmas Turtle   Blair Pessemier  acrylic/canvas 13 x 16"  33  x 41cm  425.00
It is not clear if Harika will accompany us – sometimes she likes a “spa” day, dozing on our bed while we whoop it up.  I am totally THRILLED with this prospect.  Do you have a favorite city in Central Italy?  Send us a recommendation, and we’ll send you pictures.  Wish you were here.

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