Sunday, November 01, 2020

Artnotes: To See Other People


The Spice of Life  Laurie Fox Pessemier  acrylic/canvas  14 x 10.5"  35 x 27cm  425.00
We press on with our indoor endeavors.  It isn’t so bad, really, being inside here in Roccamalatina, MO, Italy.  The house is large, and we can spend time in the yard.  We eat lunch outdoors almost every day, on the sunny side of the house.   Harika keeps an eye out for peddlers, who come at least once or twice a week.
In the Front Yard  Blair Pessemier  acrylic/canvas  21.5 x 15"  55 x 38cm  470.00
I enjoy them, actually, even though I grouse at their intrusion.  This week, from Mustafa (whose real name is Abdullah, he told us over wine and part of our lunch one day.  “We’re not eating pork, are we?”), we bought one of those polar fleece neck scarves/hat with drawstring; a speaker for our telephone/music system; and three pair of socks one hopes make it through the wash. Three main peddlers serve us:  Mustafa, who is Moroccan; another Moroccan, Ali, who gets me scarves and things to order; and Innocent, the Nigerian who deals heavily in little cotton throw rugs.   There’s another Moroccan with a car – I just sent him on a search for antique ledgers and ships logs.  He can go to places I can’t – he’s young, healthy, wears a mask.  Another looks Peruvian, but I suspect he is indigenous  North African– he never speaks but writes down numbers and often has sleeveless black t-shirts I like.  I have asked them to sell my artwork, but they all worry someone will think they stole it. 
I look at the peddlers like flies during meditation:  they bring us to a different awareness
Top Hat on an Antique Ledger Page   Laurie Fox Pessemier  acrylic wood block/antique paper 9 x 12"  20 x 30cm  150.00
Innocent, the Nigerian, is my favorite because he is cheerful and has the best merchandise.  He never whines, although once in a while he’ll say “I need 20 today, can you help me?” and we take 5 pairs of scissors.  He sold us red gardening gloves and shrub trimmers and at least 4 rugs by now.  I look at these purchases, often out of line for price, as a way of contributing to people without simply giving them money.
Almost Frozen Cherry Tomatoes  Laurie Fox Pessemier  acrylic/canvas  7.5 x 10"  19 x 25cm  250.00 (not stretched)
I got a mailer in the mailbox this week for getting food delivered from a nearby restaurant.  It has certain appeal, but really I want the delivery person to stay and eat with us.  It’s WHY I go to most restaurants:  to see other people.
Thanksgiving with the Immigrants   Blair Pessemier   Private Collection
Several Thanksgivings ago, we invited all the immigrants in the area for dinner.  We numbered more than 20.  The sub-Saharan Africans were all dressed in the inimitable way people from that part of the world can: tight fitting jackets, ties, short-ish pants, a top hat.  A Moroccan woman brought a huge couscous with vegetables, which we ate in addition to our stuffed turkey.   The women and children sat in the kitchen and the men sat in the dining room.  EVERYTHING was eaten, and we went en troupe for walk afterward.

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