Saturday, July 20, 2019

Artnotes:: A Big Dish

We are in Paris, visiting old friends.  And as we all get older, we all get wiser and I am delighted to banter about that wisdom.

One old friend recalls sitting at the table of an uncle born in 1870.  O has lived and worked all over the world, and has amassed a weight of experiences.  He is now writing down this information for his grandchildren.   We are hoping to get a copy.

T, a likewise wise and intelligent friend, is now working on Internet security (really, it doesn’t exist).  We bring him a cake (he really doesn’t want), and we sit on his sofa.  My first job in Paris was working for him, seeking American GPS partners for his mapping company:  1993. He is constantly thinking about philosophy and computing. We see each other every occasional and it is a highlight of our trip. I could spend days on end visiting with him, consuming up all of his words.

We have coffee with my friend Y, with whom I have online power meetings every Wednesday.  This Wednesday, we’re at the Rostand, near the Luxembourg Gardens.  There’s an attack cat in the café that Harika has learned to ignore.  They are both powerful.  Yukie, Blair and I will go out together to draw/paint later in our trip.

We played Quiddler and ate fish with R and V.  They give us insights into what’s happening on the art and entertainment scene.  Friends from America have come to flesh out our museum visits, and fancy restaurants…  so far we’ve seen the Calder/Picasso show; the Orientale show at the Marmotton; the foundation Louis Vuitton.   It’s a big dish, and I am nearly full.

You can understand it is almost impossible to find that little period of calm time to paint.  So I am recycling some of our Paris images from our near-20 years here. 

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