Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trees near Bishops Orchard M. Blair PESSEMIER Oil on Canvasboard 14 x 11 inches
Birch trees at the Branford River Laurie Fox PESSEMIER Acrylic on canvas 11 x 14 inchesBurr Pond Sunday M. Blair PESSEMIER Oil on canvas 14 x 11 inchesMeeting house Branford Laurie Fox PESSEMIER Acrylic on canvas 16 x 20"
This is just a quick little artnotes before we take off for the South.

We didn't find the little place to live in America that we were looking for, but we did meet a nice gypsy family living in a historic house in Madison, CT. They emphasized interest in "storing" our goods for us. The wife was very beautiful and the son drew pictures scotched-taped to all the walls.

We went to New York and lunched with a long lost schoolmate of Blair's. Afterward we visited a friend running at a gallery there, and drank champagne. She left us the rest of the bottle, which we drank in bed on Saturday morning.

I made two art history videos, one of which I posted on the website. The other one is mostly of the ground -- "due to technical difficulties" will not be shown until later.

I've applied for jobs, none of which have materialized, and I've enjoyed painting outdoors over the last week or two. I tell myself this is our life now, not what we're going to do or where we are "going". We are the "they" we've been waiting for.

We took my parents out for a celebratory meal because it was Sunday and we quit feeling sorry for ourselves. Then we painted in the freezing cold at Burr Pond; Harika dug.

There was a light show in Branford on Saturday night, at the town hall. Harika rolled in a dead mole, and had two baths. We got our teeth worked on. Blair made vichysoisse, and I made butternut squash soup.

We're piling all our pictures in the car and driving away.

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